1. Does the Blackhead Masque really remove blackheads?
Yes, the Blackhead Masque removes blackheads from the roots of the pore, leaving skin silky smooth after the 1st application. If used consistently, twice a week, most users found that their blackheads disappears & pores become smaller.

2. Why is the Blackhead Masque better than Pore Strips?
Pore strips may seem to remove blackheads, but pore strips contains glue ingredients that over the long run causes irritation & reduced effectiveness. Pore strips also cause enlarge pores. The Blackhead Masque contains oil-absorbent charcoal & mild ingredients that is suitable for all skin types.

3. Can it be used for the forehead, chin and back?
Yes, the Blackhead Masque can be used in any area that has blackheads.

4. How many applications can 1 tube of Blackhead Masque last?
A tube contains 75ml of Blackhead Masque. If used only for the nose area, 1 tube of Blackhead Masque can last between 30-40 applications (depending on nose size).

5. How long does it take to ship?
Kindly allow between 7-15 working days to receive your order. Time taken depends on country.

6. Can I have my order shipped to another mailing address?
Yes, kindly drop a message at the 'Contact Us' page within 24 hours after you have made payment to inform us your mailing address.

7. Can I find the Blackhead Masque in retail stores?
This product is not widely advertised & is not available in retail stores.

8. How can I purchase the Blackhead Masque?
Click on 'Buy Now' button below to purchase. All you need is a PayPal account or a credit card.

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