Squeezing to Get Rid of Blackheads

Blackheads are one of those things that seem to never go away, and they come in masses. You can pinch, squeeze and scratch, but nothing really seems to get rid of blackheads. Sure you might get one of the 300 blackheads on your nose to disappear, but then you're just left with damaged skin and a red nose. You're worse off than when you started.

Besides the fact that you could cause scaring, there are other reasons that you don't want to pinch and try to squeeze blackheads out. Not just because your supposed to avoid touching your face, although that's a good reason too. But when you try to extract blackhead acne on your own, you really are just inviting more of that problem to appear.

The reason you have blackheads is because your pores are clogged and bacteria forms within those clogged pores. How that exactly happens depends on a number of reasons, but that's not really important here. What's important to know is that when you squeeze or pinch your skin, you cause damage to the pores surrounding the problem.

Guess what happens? More blackheads form. That's why they never seem to go away. When you squeeze, you actually are making more show up on your face.
It seems so easy. You look in the mirror, you see your nose is full of blackhead acne, so you just lightly pinch to make them go away. That innocent pinch will bring you a world of trouble tomorrow and it just is not worth it. Especially when there are more effective, safe ways to remove blackheads that work just as fast.

If you have a tomato in your refrigerator, your problems can be solved. Just slice up the tomato into little cubes, stick them in a zip lock bag and throw them in the freezer. Once frozen, gently message them on your problem area.

That might sound weird, but tomatoes contain unique acidic properties that work as an excellent exfoliate. It's a sure way to get your unclog pores and get rid of blackheads.
That will help solve the problem in the short term, but chances are your blackheads will come back. That's because the reason they formed in the first place was never addressed. There are dozens of quick tricks to get rid of blackheads to make sure they go away and never come back. 

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