Does Steaming get rid of Blackheads?!

Many people have asked if steaming the face helps get rid of blackheads. The answer is YES!

Steaming your face for 5 minutes helps to
1) Hydrate your skin
2) Soften your pores
3) Soften your internal clogged blackheads
4) Reduce scarring during blackhead extraction
5) Helps skin to tighten after blackhead extraction

The best time to steam your face is right before blackhead extraction, which is just before you apply the Blackhead Masque.

How you should steam your face.
1) Wash your face with facial cleanser
2) Place your head over a big bowl of hot water with your face down
3) Cover your head with a big towel
4) Make sure no steam escapes
5) Hold at this position for 5 minutes
6) You can occasionally take short breaths of fresh air if the steam is too hot to breathe
7) After 5 minutes, wipe dry face and proceed with application of the Blackhead Masque

If you have sensitive skin, you can alternatively place a warm towel over your face instead of placing your face over hot steam.

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  1. Kellie Taylor12 April, 2009

    Great tips here. I will steam up my face before using the blakhead masque. thanks for the great response to my questions.

    Really appreciate it! ;)

  2. Lauren - Australia03 June, 2009

    I'm awaiting arrival, I'm keen to send you some before and after pictures :) , just because there are no photos of the actual skin as yet :)

    Hopefully it works...!

  3. Hi Lauren,

    Thanks for your order! We really appreciate your continuous support!

  4. Do you ship international?

  5. Dear TheStylette,

    Yes, we ship international!

  6. how much is it and how much is shipping to canada

  7. One item is USD26 + USD8 for shipping to Canada (same cost for shipping anywhere in the world!)

  8. When Applying this, how thickly should I apply it?

  9. Hi, it's a very great blog.
    I could tell how much efforts you've taken on it.
    Keep doing!

  10. this may sound like a stupid question but does it help with whiteheads as well?

    i'm in the UK and i am interested in buying one. how long would it take to arrive here do you think? because i'd be moving in less than three weeks and i was thinking if i'd be able to receive it by then?

  11. The BLAKhead Masque is designed for blackheads, but some of our users have found that it works for whiteheads too. You can try it on whiteheads but no guarantee though.

    It takes about 15 working days maximum to arrive in UK.

  12. yes, stess also very influential on blackheads