Removing Blackheads with Tweezerman? No way!

You may have heard of using the Tweezerman tool to remove blackheads on the side of the nose. Some claim that it's very useful. I have to say that for me, it hurts. Maybe because i'm not trained to use this tool. Areas like side of the eye, side of the nose and near the lips are the most sensitive areas if you're using this tool. This tool is no better than squeezing with your bare fingers as both methods can cause a new problem to your skin --- Scars!

The Tweezerman may remove some of the whiteheads or blackheads out from the skin temporarily but beware when using this tool because if you use too much pressure on yourself, you may just hurt your skin and leave a permanent scar.

The other reason I don't recommend this tool, is that the tool may be a breeding ground for bacterias and viruses if not sterilized properly after each use. Imagine putting more germs into your skin each time you place the Tweezerman on your blackheads or whiteheads. More blackheads will grow!!

Whatever method that you use to extract blackheads from your face, be sure that it's hygienic. We recommend using the BLAKhead Masque. Used together with the Blackhead Lotion, your blackheads problem will end right here, right now!

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  1. I think you are absolutely right here, it is better to be safe than sorry when using blackhead remover tools. I think a gentler approach to the how to get rid of blackheads problem is always the better option so I think the masque is a great way to go.